INTRO: Night time inside Otunba’s bedroom somewhere in Lagos

Chief Otunba was seated on his bed, lost in deep thought. Occasionally he sighs and shakes his head like a crazy man. Some minutes later, his wife, Kike joins him.

Kike in (alarm mode)
Sweetheart, what’s the matter?

Otunba (speaking gently)
My dear, you go ahead with dinner; I’ll join you later.

Kike (sits closer to Otunba with an arm over his shoulders)
No. You look stressed out. Should I give you a massage?

Otunba (clasping his arms together)
I don’t feel too well. This weather is too harsh on me.

(Wife picks the remote control to turn off the air-conditioner, but Otunba stops her)

Otunba (laughs despite himself)
That’s not what I meant. I’m referring to the wind of change which came to power in May 2015. At first, when the wind began to blow, I was excited, and felt fulfilled; at least my grand agenda was gradually taking shape. Ironically, now, that same wind is threatening my life.

Kike (with both arms on her head)
But why would anyone want to kill you?

It’s not physical death, my dear (stands as he beats his chest). I, the kingmaker, the lion that roars in Bourdillion; the only Jagbadan in the south-west, sacrificed so much to bring the wind of change to power. And just at the verge of the realization of my dream, the wind is now blowing all sorts of garbage at me.

(Phone rings. Kike reluctantly picks it up after the third ring.)

Kike (responding moodily)
Hello, Bose…Please, let’s talk later…I’m not in the mood to talk about aso-ebi now. There’s fire on the mountain…talk to you soon…bye.

Kike (soliloquizing)
Aso-ebi, my foot!(turns back to face her husband)
Honey, but how can they treat you that way? After all the promises they made to you. That’s sheer betrayal!

This is not the time for analysis. I know you enjoy praying so much. You had better start preparing to go to ori-oke for your husband’s sake, otherwise…

Does the erstwhile kingmaker stand any chance for relevancy in 2019? Stay tuned to for updates.