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President Buhari with the religious leaders during the summit/The Nation

I wouldn’t want to say much on this issue, especially now that it’s clearing off the ground even though the crumbs are still seen and also been envisaged around the place.

The other time, on my Facebook post, I termed religion as a number challenge we facing in the country, others being the leaders and the people as the three challenges that are causing our lack of development.

However, for the purpose of this write-up, I will like to focus on the number one challenge as we have seen the effect of this sector in the last few days especially for those following events in the country.

Personally, the religious leaders or rather called men of God are seen as people who are sent by God, just like of the Moses, Prophet Elijah, Elisha, Samuel of the Biblical days, so we see them like that in to put a mark for the members and to lead them to the way of God, but today our men of God aren’t going that way, the way that is prepared for followers of Christ to pass through. Rather, there seems to be a hitch in the way of their mentoring and leading their members in the right way.

Religion is believed to be a way of life, there is no way per say that will definitely take you to heaven if your ways on earth are uncalled for, no one is judging here but that is what we all know, the ways of life which exhibits a life of good attitude and kindness, will surely beat a ‘Christian’ life with the opposite of this, because Christianity is the way of Christ, having a Christ-like attitude, so with this I can even say that Christianity isn’t even a religion but with how we see it today, it can be classified under religion.

However, taking it like that, our religious leaders as earlier discussed are not putting the way forward for those whom they claim to be leading, tell me how will a Christian leader cast curses on a political candidate just because he refused to consent to his wish of financial gains or why will a behold man of God stepped unto the pulpit and publicly on his own disparaged the president of a country, for what reason? Either he understood what was written on the piece he used or not, as I see that not as an excuse, there are many things to be discussed in the country or even in the Bible, not the issue which is not evidently shown.

These men of God are having people who see as father, mentor, leader and yet whatever they asked by these men of God is what they will do..are these not part of having religion as a calibre of challenge in our society?

Oftentimes, this argument anywhere often make people to assume the verse in the scripture “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm” (1 Chronicles 16:22, Psalms 105:15) is enough to save them from public attacks but they forgot the misdeed they had done, which isn’t in line with the doctrines of the Almighty God.

As far as I am concerned, even before they received their own punishment from the Almighty, they must be sanctioned here by the people who see them as honourable men of God, though they are not perfect, they should refrain from what the devil will surely use against their person.

However, If any man of God intends participating in politics, it’s a free world, why not put off your suit, tie and collar and join your colleagues in politics, God won’t be angry instead of causing rancour in the society.

An opinion piece by Yanjú Uwala. Uwala is a Lagos based journalist and also an alumnus of the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos Nigeria.

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